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What outdoor activities are there to do around the Cyber District?

There is a wide array of different outdoor activities ranging from swimming and boating at Clarks Hill Lake to hiking and exploring the Elijah Clark State Park. There are also hunting and fishing areas as well as golf courses galore. Whatever outdoor activity you enjoy, you can find around the Cyber District. Check out our Play page to see a complete list of activities!

What levels of education does the Cyber District have to offer?

All the surrounding areas offer K-12 education and there are 2 technical colleges and eight 4 year universities. Visit our Education section for more info.

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Are there any hospitals in the surrounding areas of the Cyber District?

Yes, there are more than 5 hospitals in the area. One of these hospitals is the Children’s Hospital of Georgia which is the premier children’s hospital in the region.

Are there any local restaurants?

Absolutely! On top of chain restaurants there are many locally owned restaurants ranging from BBQ joints to fresh seafood. There is something to satisfy every craving! Visit our Play page for more info.

What kind of entertainment is available around the Cyber District?

Whether you’re a concert junkie or a sports fan, there’s something for you! The Evans Towne Center Park provides different concerts and festivals throughout the year. During the spring you can catch an Augusta Greenjackets game at Lake Olmstead Stadium. There are also local art galleries, farmers markets, and even a community playhouse. Check out the Play section for more entertainment options!